Saturday, September 28, 2013

Here is a children's story I wrote a few days ago. It's about a little girl that meets aliens in her back yard.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had a polka dot dress on. Her name was Sebastian. She was in a suburb of a great city. The suburb looked like most suburbs with green mowed grass and a bright sunny sky. The little girl wanted to be rich so she looked through other peoples mailboxes while walking by. She opened everyone’s mailboxes for miles and couldn’t find the publishers clearing house mail that said she won. She was doing this one day and someone caught her and called the police. The police came and took her to jail. She was in jail but she was very charismatic. She was so charismatic that she charmed the policemen even. They decided to let her out after only one day because they liked her so much and she had such good behavior. So off she went back to her rented apartment in the suburb. She decided to have a tea party. She invited a few people she knew. The first one was dolly. Dolly was a big fat lady.She was fat enough to work for the circus. In fact she did used to work for the circus but quit that. She got more self esteem and decided that to get paid money for people to stare at how fat she was was not good. So she quit working for the circus. She was very good at knitting and she decided to make things from knitting them and to make a living that way instead. Dolly was so big it was hard for her to come in the front door she had to push hard to come in. The second guest to be invited to the tea party was Zap. Zap was the opposite of Dolly. He was long and skinny. He was 14 feet tall and he always wore stilts. He had on long black and white striped pants where the stripes went lengthwise. He had to bend down a lot in order to get in the door. The next guest at the tea party was a mouse. The mouse didn’t have a name it was just called mouse. The mouse sat on top of a stool and Sebastian , the girl, fed it some cheese. At the party they had rare roast beef that had a little bit of garlic in it and lots of marbled fatty bits. It was tender and juicy. They had black tea of course and the black tea was made like indian spicy chai. The girl knew how to make it from scratch. They had chocolate cake that had three layers and yummy homemade frosting. The cake was very chocolaty and tasted like fancy rich chocolate not that regular kind of cake with no flavor. They also had drinks but it was special magic drink that made you have a good time but no bad things would come of it. No drunk driving, no acting rude and no unpleasantness. They were drinking the special magic drink when something interesting occured. They were looking out of the windows. The girl had glass windows in her doors that looked out on a wonderful back yard. They were looking out these windows when suddenly they saw some flying saucers out in the sky flying about. They were going very fast faster than a ordinary plane. They also moved up and down and back and forth in ways that only saucers can move not ordinary planes and such. Suddenly one of the the flying saucers landed right in her backyard. Next, out came two women and a man all dressed in lavender sparklely jumpsuits. They came walking towards the house. The girl and Zap and Dolly came walking up to open the door. So they opened the door and let the extraterrestrials in. Sebastian went and got more plates and cups for the space people and put a extra leaf in the table so there would be room for everyone. The extraterrestrials introduced themselves and started talking. They said they were from the peleides. They talked and talked and told them about metaphysical things and things about the history of the universe. They went out to the saucer and brought back with them several black boxes. There was one box for each person at the table. The boxes were replicator machines. One for each of them. They were boxes that made food and drink and clothes and anything the heart desires instantly just by giving a command. The guests were overjoyed at these gifts from the extraterrestrials. They were estatic. They played with them and said commands like. I want a red hula hoop. I want a thousand dollars. And the replicator boxes would make a red hula hoop and a thousand dollars. They were so overjoyed they started to dance and when they started to dance they started to hear the most amazing music that was super super beautiful. It was the most beautiful music they had ever heard. It was coming from the saucer. The extraterrestrials were playing it. They played music and they all laughed and danced for hours . The little girl looked at the replicator machine and said I command you to make a million dollars of gold and the machine did it. She got a safe and hid the gold in a safe in the basement and then the little girl lived happily ever after. So did Dolly and Zap. Then the extraterrestrials decided it was time to leave and they got back in there ship and left to go back to the peleides. They all lived happily ever after, the end.

I have new work up on my etsy store page.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I uploaded a lot of my work to my Facebook page. I have a Facebook fan page that you can "like" and then you will receive posts from me in your Facebook account. I update my face book page much more often than my blog here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I put teal and purple feathers in my hair.

I'm kind of surprised they don't show up that much. I used to have all of my hair violet so to me this is understated.